Be part of the change

There are multiples ways you can be part of the change.
It depends on you

Take action

Your action can make a difference! There are several ways you can contribute to bringing social justice:

1. Become politically active
Meaningful change can start in our own surroundings. Simply inform yourself about any associations or groups in your own community that discuss political and social issues locally, and bring right to food issues to the table.

Are there families in your community that are deprived from adequate food? Is the food you are eating coming from lands that have been taken away from indigenous peoples? Are local markets disappearing and quickly being replaced by supermarket chains? Is cooking and care work evenly distributed at home?

Are your political representatives addressing these issues at all?

If there is no type of community gathering to discuss these and other key social issues, create your own and bring neighbors, family and friends on board. Your time, commitment and passion are the major ingredients for change.

2. Use your own channels to spread the word
If you have the commitment and passion, but lack time, you can still contribute. You can raise awareness of current violations of the right to food and nutrition happening in your community –or elsewhere – and the initiatives to counter them!

Make sure you are connected to other supporters by:

  • Using #RightToFood on social media
  • Backing others’ initiatives on online channels
  • Letting us know, so we can make sure it reaches out to the rest of the world via @Fianista on Twitter, FianInternational on Instagram or

3. Become a member
If you have all the ingredients and can also support our work financially you can become a member - just scroll down and take a look!

Become a member

Members are the backbone of FIAN International and its national sections. At a time where public funding is becoming more scarce and the human rights institutions are at risk, your support allows to keep up our work. Thanks to your financial contributions, we are able to take a stand against human rights abuses and violations and encourage mobilization towards meaningful change.

Take a look at our sections list. If you reside in any of these countries get in touch with them directly!

If your country does not have a FIAN section, don’t worry, you can still join us. Get in touch with us at