Recipes against violence

Violence against women and girls remains a root cause of hunger and malnutrition, but feminist collective strategies can help bring down oppressive structures that subjugate them.

Women in rural areas have long stressed the ways in which domination and violence impact their lives. Women face severe restrictions over their sexual and reproductive health, and through various forms of gender-based violence exerted from within and outside their communities. Indeed, violence against women is not limited to the household, but also manifests itself in public institutions where there is unfair treatment and discrimination, which also prevents women from any decision-making over their lives. What’s more, for women in rural areas, violence also manifests itself through the destruction and dispossession of their means of livelihood, which are essential, for them and their families, to access adequate food. 

But women and their ability to cook up politics together, behind the scenes and when center stage, has shown to bring about radical social transformations. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, it is time to celebrate and foster spaces where women can build transformative political agendas to shape a future without violence.

Created by feminists and rural women the world over, a feminist methodological guide is encouraging other women to build collective strategies in rural areas to strengthen their fight against the oppression that governs the different aspects of their lives and of their communities.  

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Cooking Up Political Agendas

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