Summary: The Evictees Against the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe and Government of Uganda

The following its a summary of several reports, documents and related news to the Mubende Case in Uganda.

2011: 10 years of "Coffee to go"
European protest actions on 10th anniversary of Ugandan peasants' eviction to give way for coffee plantation in Mubende.

2012: Uganda: FIAN urges German Neumann Kaffee Gruppe to settle land conflict peacefully
On the occasion of the upcoming land survey of the neighbouring compound of the Kaweri Coffee Plantation Ltd in Mubende, Uganda, FIAN, an international human rights organisation, urges the company to settle the 10-year land conflict peacefully.

2015: Uganda urged to give land back to Mubende’s evicted community
The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural and Social Rights (CESCR) calls on the State of Uganda to take immediate measures to ensure that the rights of those forcibly evicted from Mubende District are restored.

2016: 15 Years Without Remedy
Despite more than a decade of mobilization and legal struggle, Mubende evictees have not yet seen justice and continue to suffer the collateral consequences of this brutal act.

2019: Chronology of the case
This document contains the developments starting from August 2001 to March 2019

Short Documentary: Coffee to go - with the taste of eviction