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Let's talk about agroecological transitions    

New series of popular education materials on agroecological transitions

The impacts of the triple planetary crises mean that we can no longer maintain the status quo. The world urgently needs a just transition towards fair, healthy, and sustainable food systems. To support this process, we present a new series of popular education materials on agroecological transitions.  

The series is produced by FIAN Ecuador and based on a FIAN International briefing paper. It explores just transitions from the perspective of human rights and agroecology and has been translated to Spanish, English, Portuguese and German, and shared by FIAN International’s national sections.  

It argues that only a systemic, multisectoral and human rights-based transition can guarantee a safe, sustainable, and just future for all. A just transition must address socio-economic inequalities, including gender inequalities and transform processes of marginalization and exploitation.        

“UNDROP is a key instrument to promote a just transition to agroecology. Indigenous Peoples, peasants, fisher peoples, pastoralists, and other rural people must be recognized, and their rights must be respected, protected and fulfilled,” says the paper’s author Sibylle Dirren. “Small-scale food producers can only practice agroecology if their access to and control over land and other natural resources is ensured."  

Drawing upon the arguments of United Nations experts and concrete experiences from diverse communities, the briefing outlines specific legal and policy actions that governments can take to facilitate a just transition to agroecology.    

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