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Comic Series: The Power of the 99% to Stop Corporate Capture

The Power of the 99% to Stop Corporate Capture comic series sheds light on the widespread global phenomenon of corporate capture or influence on government institutions and decision-making.

Together with members of ESCR-net, FIAN International launches the first episode of a series illustrating the corporate capture of the United Nations and how we can overcome it.

Over the past few decades, we are seeing an increased normalization of corporate capture through the discourse and institutions of multistakeholderism, which insert corporations with vested economic interests into policymaking processes and enhance their already augmented access and voice in decision-making. 

This capture has been further fueled by the growing dependence of multilateral institutions on private funding, product of governments’ failure to pay their ordinary contributions to multilateral institutions, their earmarking of funds for issues that advance their (and their corporations’) interests and falling tax revenues/public funding during the era of neoliberalism. 

Stay tuned to upcoming episodes on corporate capture and its impact on our healthcare systems, the right to a healthy environment, the impact of foreign debt in a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and capture in conflict- affected areas.

You can download it here