People's Struggles

FIAN International supports people’s struggles against human rights violations in numerous ways: from providing support to affected communities on the ground and bringing their voices to policy discussions, to launching international campaigns. Check them out!



Toxic pesticides violate the Right to Food

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Overcoming the Crisis

To overcome this crisis, there is not going "back to normal".

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Tekoha is life

"We are the land, and the land is us"

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Stop Seed Grabbing

While plant and breed varieties circulate around the globe in the form of genetic data more freely than ever, in some countries the traditional physical exchange of real seeds is becoming a crime

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The Business of Land in Matopiba, Brazil

“Our privatized pension systems in the north are destroying the future of people in other parts of the world.”

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We Are What We Eat! Sustainable Food Systems in Europe

"The world is facing a huge agrarian problem, which is leading to dire environmental destruction and rising rates of hunger and malnutrition. We have no choice but to change the system.”

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A Binding Treaty to Stop Corporate Abuse

“The treaty represents the hope to put an end to the architecture of corporate abuse and impunity, which currently drags communities and the environment down into helplessness and destruction.”

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Women in Tea Plantations: A Life without Dignity

“Our lives are determined by the plantations. Where we live, how much we earn, and what we can cook at home. They even decide the dates of our marriage. Self-determination? We don’t know what it is.”

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