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Track the impact of Coronavirus!

FIAN International publishes a toolkit to support activists and communities monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their right to food.

As human rights violations skyrocket under lockdown and extraordinary measures, it is more important than ever to build bridges among progressive forces, organize, monitor and take action to defend our human rights. With this in mind, FIAN International publishes a toolkit to help activists and communities around the world keep track of national and international measures negatively affecting people’s right to food and nutrition.

The toolkit, which is the result of intensive consultations with the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition, lists key questions that can guide activists and community leaders in their efforts to monitor the situation. “We believe that having a comprehensive overview of the situation, according to people’s experiences and realities, can help lay the groundwork towards finding creative, innovative and effective solutions against hunger and malnutrition and strengthen our struggle towards the necessary transformation of food systems,” says Ana Maria Suárez-Franco, FIAN International’s Permanent Representative at the UN Geneva.

The guiding questions contained in the toolkit have not only served FIAN International and partners around the world to monitor violations of the right to food and nutrition, but also to learn about positive experiences and alternative solutions. “We are very interested in knowing about other community initiatives and proposals to confront this crisis. Our aim is that these insightful approaches can be shared to inspire others around the world,” concludes Suárez-Franco.

The next monitoring report of FIAN International will be published at the beginning of June. Stay tuned!

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