FIAN International stands up with Farm Workers Union from Andalucía

FIAN International expressed its concerns to the Spanish Minister for Labour, Migration and Social Security, over human rights abuses and violations committed in Godoy Hortalizas, Almería.

The Sindicato de Obreros del Campo - Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SOC-SAT), a local farm workers union, claims that Godoy Hortalizas has engaged in several practices that go against labour rights. According to the workers, although the minimum interprofessional wage, established by law, is 6,90 euros per hour, workers only receive 5,33.

Godoy Hortalizas also fired eight workers with permanently fixed contracts. This decision is perceived as a retaliation to a strike organized by the Union in January 2019. Even more, Godoy Hortalizas have been pointed out by SOC-SAT for harassing workers involved in the on-going strike.  

The right to decent work is of particular concern to FIAN. Workers' human right to food and nutrition can only be fully realized when they are able to: earn adequate and sufficient wage; access social security; access social and health services; and are able to organize, negotiate and participate in decision-making. 

Therefore we urge relevant authorities to comply with the state's acquired international obligations, and ensure workers' their human rights and liberties, i.e. freedom of expression, association and assembly.

Read the full letter addressed to the Spanish Minister for Labour, Migration and Social Security (Spanish only) here.

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