Nepal: Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) Pandemic and Its Impacts on Right to Food of Vulnerable Communities and Groups

CSO Field Monitoring Report

Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first reported in Wuhan province, China at the end of 2019 and then spread rapidly all over the world badly affecting in every sector of human life. Nepal is also not far from it. Hence the Government of Nepal has declared ‘Nationwide Lockdown’ since 24 March 2020 with aim to control and prevention of COVID-19. Total 40590 numbers of cases reported positive and death counted 239 with 22178 recovery numbers of case in Nepal1 with direct impact to the every sectors of development in Nepal.

The impact of COVID-19 & ‘Long Period Lockdown’ has been started to observe in all development sectors as political, social, economic, industrial, market, tourism, hotel, aviation, agriculture etc; and more focusing to the livelihood of most vulnerable people such as marginal farmers, landless people, informal sector labor, returnees/migrant labor population etc including Right to Food Violated Communities being supported by FIAN Nepal under ‘Case Work Process’ creating hunger and food insecurity. Hence, CSO monitoring has been carried to observe filed situation vulnerable communities, collect filed issues & problems, identify areas of support and recommend to the concerned governments with filed level solution to overcome right to food violation due to COVID-19.

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Published September 2020