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The Land Struggles Series - We Belong to the Land

New website and digital publication focuses on putting land at center of public and climate policies

A new digital publication has been launched on the occasion of the International Day of Peasant Struggle. The "Land Struggles Series" is a digital publication that aims to put the right to land back on the political agenda.

It is part of a new website "We belong to the Land" by the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC). FIAN International is the facilitator of the IPC Working Group on Land, Forests, Water and Territory.

The Land Struggle Series consists of a set of case studies that showcase people’s struggles for their lands, fisheries and forests, and underline the international and national mechanisms and strategies that can be used to defend the right to land. They illustrate how realizing the right to land is a core part of achieving today’s most pressing larger systemic transformation.

Case Studies include